Free 8-Step Guide to FMCG Product Launch in NZ – 2024

Launch a Product That Sells. 

We rate big dreams and wild ideas.
We’re here to help get yours to market and launch a product that sells. This guide gives an overview of the eight steps you need to take.

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"Calico’s FMGG guide is like gold for me - it’s the go to checklist for my businesses!

The big picture stuff to launching is clearly laid out with easy to follow steps on getting a product from your brain to shop shelves. The way Calico has weaved good design with reminders about what your customer actually wants and the practicalities of any start up is world class. I couldn’t recommend this enough for anyway who needs a kickstart or like I did a ‘hand to hold’!"


George & monday

"This is a fantastic guide for launching a new product. It is a really clear step by step guide with so many pointers that you might otherwise miss or not have thought about. Great to have the structure already mapped out. I have found this really informative and helpful."


sage & grace