Night Vision

The old wives’ tale of carrots helping us see at night was originally a piece of WW2 British propaganda, shared in a bid to explain the improved accuracy of their airforce pilots who were using groundbreaking new radar technology. Night Vision is a delicious carrot juice that plays on the topic, highlighting the origin of the myth that’s been passed down through generations.


Sucker are breaking into the sustainable utensil market, bringing a range of glass straws to offer a classy and eco-friendly option.

Ironclad Pan Co

Introducing 'The Bear' inspired campaign for Ironclad Pan Co, in collaboration with with Academy Agency.


Northern Easter Camp is an annual multi-day event for churches and youth groups from the Upper North Island.

She Fresh

She Fresh are a natural intimate cleanser, formulated to assist healthy pH levels. They're made by females and for females, with only the best lady-loving ingredients.

Neighbourhood Kitchen

Neighbourhood is the local joint where your friends always are; comfortably nestled amongst bright artwork, retro diner chairs and moody lighting.

Let There Be Light

Northern Easter Camp's 2024 theme "Let There Be Light," invites exploration into the transformative power of light—both physically and spiritually. It equips youth to understand and utilize the light of faith in Jesus, transforming their everyday lives by linking the scientific concept of light refraction with spiritual enlightenment.

Nothing Naughty

Catering to the ‘everyday athletes’ and those who are careful with what they consume, Nothing Naughty develop and produce their own organic products and supplements. As a tried and true brand, they were in need of a refresh to ensure that they were hitting the mark. We came on board to create a cohesive and recognisable identity.

Sage & Grace

A local cake-maker and whole-foods caterer, Sage & Grace are all about food that is nutritious, delicious, and easy for anybody to make. Our task was to create a cohesive identity for the different arms of the business, along with packaging for their latest organic and gluten-free Cake Kits.

Shaw Design

Shaw Design are an interior design studio with a passion for creating beautiful spaces that are both intentional and personal.

Rain Bar

We created a space for catching up with old friends, and making new ones.

Late Night Tales

Late Night Tales is a series of regular events in the recently developed city of Auranga.

Fertility New Zealand

Fertility New Zealand are dedicated to providing information, support and advocacy to people experiencing fertility issues. This year’s Fertility Week is focused on the statistic that one in four people struggle with fertility, and the concept of building the whānau you dream of.

Rain Bar – Exterior

The exterior space at Rain Bar needed three things: weather-proofing, privacy, and character.

Waterbourne Beach Festival

Waterbourne was a new Mount Maunganui beach festival. With a range of water-sports, national competitions (NZSUP) and concerts, they celebrate all things beach and sustainability.

Drug Free Sport New Zealand

Drug Free Sport New Zealand are developing resources to educate athletes and coaches, and assist their mission of clean sport. Working alongside the marketing agency Squid Group, we designed an online quiz.