What Makes A Name Great?

July 27, 2023

What makes a name great? We’ve put together a few hot tips to keep in mind when cooking up something new. If you’d like assistance — we’re here to help with that too.

1. It's Unique.

Does it stand out from the crowd, especially from other names in the same industry?
Is it distinctive when used in a sentence with other words?
The best brand names have the presence of a proper noun (a noun that serves as the name for a specific place, person, or thing).

2. It's Concise.

Is it short enough to be easily recalled and used?
Will it resist being reduced to a nickname?
Long multi-word names will be shortened to non-communicating initials.

3. It's Relevant.

Is there a reasonable fit with your business and purpose?
If it would work just as well or better for someone else, keep looking.

4. It's Easy to Say and Spell.

Will most people be able to spell the name after hearing it spoken?
Will they be able to pronounce it after seeing it written?
A name shouldn’t turn into a spelling test or make people feel ignorant.

5. It Has a Good Mouth Feel.

Will people enjoy using it?
Names that are intellectually stimulating, or provide a good mouth feel, have a head start over those that don’t.

6. It's Visual.

Does it have legs?
Does it suggest a visual interpretation or lend itself to a number of creative execution?
Great names provide endless opportunities for brandplay.

7. It's Protectable.

Can it be trademarked?
Is it available for web use?
While many names can be trademarked, some names are more defensible than others, making them safer and more valuable in the long run.

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