Let There Be Light


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The Big Idea

Northern Easter Camp's 2024 theme "Let There Be Light," invites exploration into the transformative power of light—both physically and spiritually. It equips youth to understand and utilize the light of faith in Jesus, transforming their everyday lives by linking the scientific concept of light refraction with spiritual enlightenment.


The approach to bringing this theme to life involves a blend of scientific and spiritual elements. By using the concept of refraction—a wave's change in direction and speed as it moves between mediums—the campaign visually represents the idea of life changing direction through faith. The design incorporates a palette of vivid colors, transparent materials, and natural light patterns, such as skies and prismatic effects, to symbolize the infusion of spiritual vitality and the dynamic nature of faith.


We developed a strong and bold identity for use across EC24's marketing in the lead-up, and across the event itself. This resulted in the highest numbers of attendees since pre-covid, which is a fantastic outcome for the team!

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