She Fresh


Brand Identity Design Packaging Design



The Big Idea

She Fresh are a natural intimate cleanser, formulated to assist healthy pH levels. They're made by females and for females, with only the best lady-loving ingredients.


We developed an identity centered around an age-old symbol for sexuality and purity – the fig tree. The similarity in appearance between the fig fruit and the female anatomy has been noted in various cultures and has led to the fig being used as a symbol for sexuality and the female reproductive system. This association is due to the unique internal structure of the fig, which contains flowers that are pollinated through a symbiotic relationship with fig wasps, as well as its exterior shape, which resembles the female anatomy. This has led to its use as a symbol for intimacy and fertility in art, literature, and mythology throughout history. Fig leaves also symbolize the covering of nudity in classical art. The use of fig leaves on sculptures was a cultural expression of modesty and a way to avoid overt displays of sexuality. Botanical fig and leaf illustrations are placed throughout assets, referencing the intimate areas that She Fresh supports while remaining beautiful and refined.


She Fresh has launched across New Zealand, with strong retailer relationships.

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